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US soldier detained in Russia


A U.S. Army soldier was detained by Russian authorities in the port city of Vladivostok on charges of misconduct, the State and Defense Departments said on Monday, in what could be another complication in the contentious relationship between Moscow and Washington .

A military official identified the soldier as Staff Sgt. Gordon Black, 34, said he was returning home to Fort Cavazow, Texas, after being stationed in South Korea. He was arrested on May 2, and Russia notified the State Department of the soldier’s “criminal detention” under an international agreement between the two countries.

“The Army notified his family and the U.S. State Department is providing appropriate consular support to the soldier in Russia,” Army spokesperson Cynthia O. Smith said in a statement.

A U.S. State Department official reiterated the U.S. government’s warning to Americans not to travel to Russia.Sergeant Blake was arrested NBC News earlier reported.

The detentions follow a pattern in recent years of Americans being arrested and sometimes detained indefinitely in Russia on charges that U.S. officials say are often trumped up. The detentions further soured already deeply strained relations between Russia and the United States, which have clashed over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but also over a host of other issues, including what Washington says is Moscow’s push for question. Placing nuclear weapons in space.

Evan Gershkovich“Wall Street Journal” reporter, Has been imprisoned by Russian authorities for more than a year Both he and his employer rejected espionage charges.The White House designated him ‘Wrongfully detained’ and President Biden. repeated appeals He was released last month.

Paul WhelanA corporate security executive and former U.S. Marine is serving a 16-year sentence in a Russian penal colony on what the U.S. government calls trumped-up espionage charges. Britney GrinerProfessional basketball player detained in Russia for about 10 months Released December 2022 in exchange for Victor BootA Russian has been convicted of conspiring to kill Americans and providing material support to terrorist groups.

In February, Russia’s main security agency said Dual Russian-American citizen arrested In the city of Yekaterinburg, he was charged with treason for raising funds from Ukraine.The woman, who lives in Los Angeles, is accused of sending more than $50 to a New York nonprofit that Providing aid to Ukraine. She could face up to 20 years in prison.

it took diplomatic week The United States has secured the return of another Army soldier who was recently arrested in an unfriendly country. warrior, private.Travis T. KingHe was detained by North Korean authorities and released in October. He crossed into the country from South Korea without authorization in July. Border Village Panmunjeom.

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