The British Foreign Secretary said Israel would respond to Iran’s attack over the weekend.

For days, Israel’s closest Western allies have been pleading with the country’s wartime government not to react too strongly to Iran’s missile and drone attacks over the weekend, lest it spark a wider war. Top diplomats from Germany and Britain delivered the message personally to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday. But Netanyahu … Read more

Despite pleas from allies, Israel’s response to Iran attack appears inevitable

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told a news conference in Washington on Wednesday that the United States was pushing for a “unified diplomatic response” to Iran’s attacks and urged Israel to avoid “further escalation.” But he added, “These decisions are made by Israel as a sovereign, democratic state.” Israel’s war cabinet has held multiple meetings … Read more

Mount Rouang in Indonesia erupts, sending lava thousands of feet into the sky

Indonesia’s Ruang volcano erupted on Tuesday, spewing hot lava and ash thousands of feet into the night sky and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people in North Sulawesi province, authorities and local news reported. The volcano erupted at around 7:19 pm local time. antara state news agency the report said. The country’s national disaster … Read more

How London became a ‘hotspot’ for threats against Iranian journalists

Iranian journalists in London have experienced death threats, intimidation and online abuse. A broadcaster for the London-based BBC Persian, the Persian-language arm of the BBC World Service, had her car broken into and her conversations with her family were bugged. Last month, Priya Zelati, a newsreader for Iran International, a Persian-language opposition TV channel that … Read more

As Israel considers how to respond to an Iranian attack, every choice carries risks.

Israeli leaders were discussing how best to respond to Iran’s unprecedented weekend airstrikes on Tuesday, officials said, weighing a series of options aimed at achieving different strategic outcomes: deterring similar attacks in the future, appeasing U.S. allies and averting an all-out war. Iran’s attack on Israel, which included hundreds of ballistic missiles and exploding drones, … Read more

Nine people, including an airline worker, arrested in connection with $14.5 million gold heist

It was a brazen theft: A year ago, thousands of gold bars and millions of dollars in bills were stolen from Toronto International Airport. On Wednesday, Canadian authorities announced the arrest of nine people, including an Air Canada employee, on suspicion of stealing more than 20 million Canadian dollars (about 14.5 million U.S. dollars) in … Read more

14 Israeli soldiers injured in Hezbollah attack on border village

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a cross-border drone and missile attack in northern Israel on Wednesday, which the Israeli military said wounded 14 soldiers, six of them seriously. It was one of the most devastating attacks by Hezbollah, Iran’s most powerful regional proxy, in recent months in its ongoing conflict with Israel. … Read more

UN report describes physical abuse, harsh conditions in Israeli detention

Gazans released from Israeli detention described graphic scenes of physical abuse, according to testimonies collected by U.N. staff. Report released on Tuesday It is run by UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees. Palestinian detainees described being forced to kneel for hours, having their hands tied, blindfolded, being deprived of food and water, and … Read more

Middle East crisis: German and British diplomats visit Israel in hopes of preventing escalation

Buildings were destroyed in Khan Younis in southern Gaza on Tuesday.Credit…AFP — Getty Images Iran’s attacks on Israel have shifted focus away from the war in Gaza, but Israel’s military campaign remains in Gaza aimed at eliminating Hamas, the armed group that controlled the area before the fighting began. Israeli forces launched an attack in … Read more