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The recent tortuous timetable for Gaza ceasefire negotiations


In the space of just a few days, hopes for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip have emerged and been dashed again, with no clear explanation.

The confusion was perhaps more evident than on Monday, when Hamas claimed to have accepted the terms of the truce but Israel ordered the evacuation of civilians in the southern Gaza city of Rafah and escalated airstrikes there, a week after making concessions to secure the deal. .

Here are some of the dizzying recent events.

israeli officials, provide a glimmer of hope said their negotiators had reduced the number of hostages they wanted Hamas to release during the first phase of the truce.

Hamas leader says the group will soon send a delegation Travel to Cairo “to complete ongoing ceasefire agreement discussions.”

As negotiations get underway, senior Hamas official Said in text message Representatives of the group have arrived in Cairo for talks and are “extremely positive” about the latest proposals.

Talks are held indirectly through a mediator deadlocked, Hamas said its delegation had left Cairo. An Israeli official described the negotiations as a “crisis.”

Later that day, Hamas Rocket launch Four Israeli soldiers were killed at a crossing between Gaza and Israel. Israel has stepped up its attacks on Gaza.

Hamas Indicates acceptance of ceasefire terms — is not a provision in the Israeli proposal, but taken from proposals put forward by Egypt and Qatar.

The timing seems noteworthy.The announcement comes after Israel has ordered people to evacuate Sounds were heard coming from some areas of Rafah, suggesting that Israeli forces may be about to launch a long-awaited invasion of the refugee-dense city. Later in the day, the Israeli military said it was conducting “targeted strikes” east of Rafah.

The attacks may prove to be an attempt to put pressure on Hamas negotiators. Later in the day, the Israeli prime minister’s office said Hamas’s latest ceasefire proposal was unsatisfactory, in line with a week of conflicting signals.

It then said it would send a working-level delegation back to Cairo for talks anyway.

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