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Israel attacks Iranian military base, but damage appears limited


World leaders who have been urging Israel and Iran to de-escalate tensions again implored the two countries to avoid any further action that could spark a wider war in the Middle East as Israel battles Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, both allies of Iran.

“A significant escalation is in no one’s interest,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told reporters on Friday. Over the weekend, British troops took part in operations to defend Israel from Iranian missile and drone attacks. “We would like to see calm across the region.”

Earlier on Saturday, there was a Air strikes on bases used by Iran-backed armed groupsHarakat al Nujaba in Iraq’s Babylon Province, according to the Iraqi Security Forces’ Popular Mobilization Forces. A hospital said at least three people were injured in the explosion.

No one claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on a base used by Harakat al Nujaba, which is part of Iraq’s security apparatus. The US military, which has carried out strikes against Iranian-backed armed groups in Iraq in the past, said in a statement It also said it had not participated in any attacks on Iraq.

Some analysts said a small Israeli attack on Iran on Friday could give both countries a reason to avoid further military strikes.

“It looks like we are out of the danger zone and both countries have made concessions for the time being as Israeli strikes have been limited,” said Sanan Wakil, director of the Middle East and North Africa program at Chatham House, a British agency.

There are multiple Iranian military bases in the area surrounding Isfahan, including nuclear facilities Israel has targeted it in the past. But Iranian news agencies reported that no nuclear facilities had been hit and seemed keen to show that lives had been lost. “Back to normal” In a city famous for its Mosque with turquoise and purple tiles, the picturesque Arch Bridge and the Grand Bazaar.Iran’s official news agency IRNA published gallery Photos of people in Isfahan – including women strolling with shopping bags and children playing football.

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