Home News Israel says it destroyed weapons and tunnels in Rafah, among other news.

Israel says it destroyed weapons and tunnels in Rafah, among other news.


  • Israeli troops continue to advance towards Rafah The Israeli military said in a statement on Friday that Hamas had “destroyed weapons storage facilities as well as tunnel shafts” over the past 24 hours. Hamas has been posting updates on its Telegram channel, claiming that its armed wing attacked Israeli troops with mortars and explosive devices in Rafah. Israel said on Thursday that it had Fighting deep into the city It insisted it was a limited operation against Hamas forces.

  • Some of the aid that reaches Gaza A World Food Programme spokesman said food delivered via a temporary terminal built in the United States had been distributed after days of delays. On Thursday, the Pentagon Said no aid was delivered through the terminal The aid has reached Palestinians facing extreme hunger three days after the World Food Programme halted distribution of the supplies after hungry people looted several trucks.

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Warning to Israel Thursday be opposed to Severing ties The dispute between Palestinian and Israeli banks, which say the move will further destabilize the West Bank economy, comes at a time when the Palestinians are already facing dire economic conditions. Ms. Yellen and other senior economic officials from the Group of Seven are expected to discuss the matter, as well as the humanitarian situation in Gaza, at a summit in Stresa, Italy, in the coming days.

  • Israel suffers multiple severe diplomatic blows This past week, some countries have been worried for years. However, protests against Israel abroad are growing louder and louder. Doesn’t seem to have an impact on the Israeli publicwhose views on Israel’s military action in Gaza differ greatly from those of the rest of the world.

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