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What do we know about where aid can enter Gaza?


After Israel invaded Rafah this week, the Israeli military briefly closed the Kerem Shalom crossing and occupied the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing, cutting off much-needed food at a time when experts believe parts of Gaza are blocked , fuel and medical supplies. Famine has occurred and some people have died from malnutrition.

The number of aid trucks entering Gaza last week reached its peak since October: a total of 1,674 aid trucks entered Gaza through the Kerem Shalom and Rafah crossings, the main points of entry for aid into the enclave, according to U.N. data.But starting on Sunday, no Aid trucks have entered Gaza Start from any entry point, even after Israel says it has reopened Kerem Shalom border crossing on Wednesday.

Aid access to Gaza has been severely restricted by Israel since the war began, creating what aid experts say is a man-made hunger crisis.Humanitarians warn the crisis will worsen without the fuel needed for bakeries and hospitals to operate.

Here are the main aid routes into Gaza and their conditions.

Israel closes Kerem Shalom crossing Hamas attack on Sunday kills four soldiers in the area.

On Wednesday, Israel said it had reopened the crossing, but The United Nations and other organizations dispute that claim Because trucks are not allowed to pass.On Friday afternoon, Israel allowed at least 157,000 liters Amount of fuel enteringsaid Scott Anderson, a senior official at UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestinians. But he said humanitarian aid, including food and medical supplies, had not yet arrived since Sunday.

Egypt plays an important role in facilitating the collection and delivery of aid, but its refusal to send trucks to Kerem Shalom complicates matters further. According to several Western and Israeli officials; U.S. and Israeli officials believe Egypt is pressuring Israel to curb its incursion into Rafah.

The Kerem Shalom crossing has been the main artery for aid entering Gaza since it opened in December and is where most aid trucks currently enter. Before the Israeli invasion of Rafah, an average of 185 trucks entered Kerem Shalom per day last week, with a peak of 270 trucks on Friday, according to UN data. Aid groups have said for months that at least 300 trucks a day are needed to prevent further malnutrition and hunger.

The Rafah crossing remains closed.

The crossing has been an important gateway for sick and wounded people to leave the enclave and receive treatment abroad. Gaza’s health ministry said dozens of people suffering from diseases such as breast cancer and lymphoma have been unable to leave Gaza since Sunday.

The Erez crossing on Gaza’s northern border is open, but the amount of aid currently being delivered is limited, according to an official from COGAT, the Israeli agency that oversees aid delivery in Gaza, and UNRWA.It is the only border crossing in the north Open Last month, under pressure from President Biden.

COGAT said on its website that 36 rescue trucks and one fuel truck passed through the Erez crossing on Thursday. Mr Anderson said UNRWA sent 67 trucks through the Erez crossing on Wednesday, but no more have passed since then. It is unclear why there is a discrepancy between the number and the number of days.

More aid to northern Gaza is vital to prevent further development Number of deaths due to malnutrition in the region. In March, health experts predicted that northern Gaza would soon face famine, and on Saturday, World Food Program Executive Director Cindy McCain said parts of Gaza were already in the grip of famine.As of mid-April, Gaza health officials said at least 28 children under the age of 12 died There is malnutrition inside the hospital, and there may be dozens more outside the medical center.

Since Gaza does not have its own international terminal – Israel has had one for years Prevent Build a—— The U.S. military said in March it would build A temporary dock is being used to transport aid by sea, said to be part of a multi-pronged effort to deliver humanitarian aid to the enclave.

this The Pentagon said Thursday The floating pier and causeway were completed, but rough weather and sea conditions hampered their installation. They remain in the Israeli port of Ashdod.

The Pentagon said a U.S. cargo ship named the Sagamore departed from Cyprus on Thursday and ship tracking websites showed the ship was in Ashdod. The Sagamore is carrying more than 170 tons of nutritional bars, but cannot be unloaded and distributed in Gaza until they are installed at the dock, according to USAID. It’s unclear when the installation will take place, and the Pentagon said the installation will depend on security and weather conditions.

COGAT said on Thursday that it airdropped 117 packages in northern Gaza that day. airdrop operation Just started in March As hunger intensifies in the Palestinian territories, efforts are being made to prevent an even greater humanitarian catastrophe. COGAT said that since March, nine donor countries, including the United States and Jordan, have completed 99 airdrop operations.

But aid experts have criticized the airdrops as potentially the least efficient way to deliver aid to Gaza, and in some cases even deadly.March airdrop aid package Several Palestinians fall in Gaza CityAccording to Gaza health officials, five people were killed and several injured. in another caseMore than a dozen Palestinians drowned while trying to retrieve packages that had been deliberately thrown over the water to prevent parachutes from failing to deploy and causing more deaths.

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