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UK general election 2024: What you need to know


Opinion polls show that the centre-left Labor Party will return to power after more than a decade in opposition, which will bring about a fundamental adjustment in British politics.

The UK consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and is divided into 650 constituencies.

Voters in each constituency elect a candidate to represent them as a member of parliament, and the party that wins the most seats usually forms the next government. The leader of the party also became prime minister.

To win an outright majority, a party must win 326 seats. If the leading party fails to win that many seats, the result is known as a “hung parliament” and the party can try to form a coalition government with other parties. In 2010, the Conservatives joined forces with the Liberal Democrats to form the first coalition government in the UK since World War II, and in 2011, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats formed a coalition government. 2017the Conservative Party formed an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

this UK economic situation Is Top Questions According to polls, for most voters today, in the wake of the cost of living crisis and record inflation – The peak value is 11.1% Not starting until 2022 Return to target level.

this national health serviceA state-funded health care system that provides free care across the country is another priority. Prime Minister David Cameron embarked on a decade of austerity following the 2009 global financial crisis, leaving Britain’s public services severely underfunded and facing chronic staff shortages. Waiting List The cost of NHS treatment, which was already growing before the pandemic and has soared further since then, is a major source of public discontent.

Immigration ranked third on the list of top issues for many voters, although its importance varied widely by party preference. Only 20% of Labour voters said it was one of their most pressing national issues, compared with 65% of Conservative voters. A recent YouGov poll.

The two largest political parties in the United Kingdom are the Conservative Party and Chancellor Rishi Sunakand the Labour-led Keir Starmera former prosecutor and human rights lawyer.

The Scottish National Party is now the most popular party in Scotland 2015Replace Labour. But Funding scandal and Nicola Sturgeon leaves Labour’s support has fallen over the past year. Opinion polls suggest Labor has a chance of making significant gains in Scotland this time around, which would pave the way for Starmer to become prime minister.

The populist Reform Party was formed by Brexit advocate Nigel Faragehave rising in opinion polls Conservative officials fear anti-immigration party could siphon supporters from its candidates despite Farage’s decision Not running will be welcomed by the Conservatives.

The other two parties, Liberal Democrats and Green Partymade considerable gains in local elections in early May. However, while both parties plan to increase their seats in July, the UK electoral system makes it more difficult for smaller parties to win seats in parliamentary elections.

The exit poll results were released shortly after polls closed at 10 pm on July 4, based on surveys of thousands of voters after the polls.

Exit polls are not always accurate – famously, in the UK elections of 1992 and 2015, they predicted hung parliaments when in fact the Conservatives ended up winning a majority. But in recent years, exit polls have become increasingly reliable in the UK and are widely seen as a good reflection of how the public voted.

The first results for some constituencies will be announced around 11pm, with results continuing into the early hours of the next day. The overall results are usually clear by around 7am, although some rural constituencies may be announced later.

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