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Tuesday briefing: Hopes rise for new ceasefire talks


Negotiations between Israel and Hamas to halt fighting could end Restart as soon as today, officials said. Israeli officials said a mid-level Israeli delegation planned to fly to Cairo to take part in new talks brokered by Egypt, but only if Hamas also agreed to participate.

Israel has reduced its demands for the release of at least 40 hostages and said it is ready to reach a settlement for 33 hostages, partly because it believes some of them have died in captivity, raising hopes for a ceasefire.

“It makes it a little easier to reach a deal,” our Jerusalem bureau chief Patrick Kingsley told us yesterday. “But there are still many stumbling blocks.”

He added: “Hamas wants a truce that gives it a chance to survive the war as a military force, while Israel wants a deal that gives its military a chance to eventually resume fighting and defeat Hamas. “That’s why Israel wants a short-term ceasefire, while Hamas wants a longer ceasefire that can be permanently extended.”

Yesterday, President Biden called the leaders of Egypt and Qatar to seek Increase pressure on Hamas Accept the transaction. The moves raised expectations that the two sides could be closer to their first truce in months.

Other updates for War:

  • The Hague: The International Criminal Court is Consider an arrest warrant Israeli officials believe this is true for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the leader of Hamas.

  • Arabian countries: district leadership is cracking down protests in an attempt to prevent pro-Palestinian protesters from criticizing their own government.

Over the past week, Russia has captured or entered about a half-dozen villages on Ukraine’s eastern frontline. Moscow is trying to exploit a window of opportunity where Kiev’s military is outnumbered and outgunned, awaiting the first tranche of U.S. military aid.

Military experts said Russia prepares to launch new round of large-scale offensive late May or early June, and will continue to launch attacks in the coming weeks.

The United States said last week it would provide an emergency first $1 billion military aid package, which includes shoulder-fired Stinger surface-to-air missiles and other anti-aircraft munitions, Javelin anti-tank missiles and 155mm artillery shells.

What’s next: Russia could push toward the eastern city of Pokrovsk, a logistics hub for Ukrainian forces, or try to push north toward Chasiv Yar, a strategic hilltop town that has suffered Russian ruthlessness in recent weeks. attack.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk strikes a deal that could bring the company closer Providing the most advanced autonomous driving software for Chinese cars. Timing is important. Just days before arriving in China to finalize the deal, Musk argued that self-driving technology and artificial intelligence are critical to Tesla’s future.

Approval of the deal would also give him a much-needed victory after U.S. regulators launched a scathing review of the system’s safety and performance on Friday.

analyze: China uses Musk’s visit to demonstrate Still has influence over foreign companies Dependent on its market. It promoted Musk’s meeting with China’s No. 2 Prime Minister Li Qiang as an example of Western companies following Beijing’s rules.

Cuba’s socialist economy is reaching its lowest point in decades.To deal with this problem, Communist Party leaders Embracing private entrepreneursthey once slandered them as “dirty” capitalists.

Scientists have been studying a group of people they call “superagers.” The memory capacity of people over 80 years old is equivalent to that of people decades younger.

A paper published yesterday may be helpful Explain what makes them special: Their brains shrink less than those of their peers.

Participants were otherwise similar in terms of diet, sleep, occupation, or drinking and smoking. Scientist Tessa Harrison says becoming super old may just be due to “some lucky predisposition” or to a part of the brain we don’t yet understand.

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