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Thursday briefing: Slovak leader shot to death


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot five times yesterday and was seriously injured. Officials said the attack appeared to be an assassination attempt and was politically motivated. Police said a suspect was in custody.

The interior minister said Fico was undergoing surgery hours after the shooting and remained in critical condition. This is the latest.

Video from the scene showed gunmen shooting at Fico on Bannikov Square in the center of Handlova town. The attacker, who was standing behind a fence with others, shot Fico at close range when he came to greet them.

Who is Robert Fico? The 59-year-old politician is serving his third term in office.He is allied with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Oppose aid to Ukraineand has close ties with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

China has deployed dozens of coast guard and maritime militia vessels to Scarborough Shoal, a disputed atoll in the South China Sea. Blockade of about 100 small ships Philippine fishing boat. While such confrontations have become commonplace as Beijing seeks to control areas far from its borders, this is an escalation.

“I would say what we’re seeing this time is definitely something else,” said the head of ocean monitoring group SeaLight. He called China’s response a display of “overwhelming strength.”

background: The Philippine organization that organizes the fishing fleet said it hopes to safeguard the Philippines’ sovereignty claims over Scarborough Shoal. The shoal, known to Beijing as Scarborough Shoal, has been under Chinese control since 2012. Filipino fishermen have long worked there, but their access has since been restricted and sporadic.

The White House is watching Russia’s new and accelerated offensive in northeastern Ukraine.U.S. officials privately worry that this could Change the trajectory of warand may even reverse Russia’s once bleak prospects.

Moscow’s electronic warfare technology – long overdue – has destroyed artillery and drones supplied by the United States and NATO. The delay in U.S. aid gave Russia a huge artillery advantage. Ukraine’s lack of anti-aircraft munitions means Russia can use its air power with greater impunity.

analyze: Some experts say Moscow’s real purpose in seizing the area around Kharkov is to force Ukraine to reinforce the city and weaken front lines in other areas. The dispersion of Ukrainian forces could give Russia the opportunity to attack again in June.

Kei Kobayashi is the first Japanese chef to receive three Michelin stars in Paris.Now, he has Return to Japan and try to build an empire.

Lived: AT Ariyaratne is a Sri Lankan who fights to alleviate poverty in his country Died at 92.

  • Talk about clumsy: Dating app Bumble apologizes advertising campaign Angry women are its target audience.

  • Bridgerton Glows: figure accept transformation as they move from the fringes of the plot into the spotlight.

Royal portraits tended to be rather staid, with symbols of country, office, pomp and lineage.

Here’s Why New Official Portrait of King Charles III by Jonathan Yeo caused such controversy. Some said he looked like he was “burning in hell” or “bathed in blood.” References to “colonial bleeding” round out the theme. Others compared it to the possessed portrait in Ghostbusters II.

This isn’t the first royal portrait to polarize.rotate it Some other surprising or controversial royal paintings.

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