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Singapore releases preliminary report on fatal turbulence on flight


Severe turbulence One passenger died Dozens of people were injured in a recent Singapore Airlines flight crash due to a sudden change in altitude and airspeed, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday.

Flight SQ321 Encountering turbulence Many of the 211 passengers on board had just finished breakfast when the 13-hour flight from London to Singapore last week was about 10 hours old, officials said.

The Ministry of Transport said the plane encountered turbulence while flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet over southern Myanmar In the preliminary report it was stated Wednesday.

The report said the plane unexpectedly rose 362 feet, possibly due to updrafts, and the autopilot pushed it into a dive. At the same time, the plane unexpectedly accelerated, and the pilot manually applied the brakes.

All of these actions could have resulted in injuries to passengers and crew, the report said, as the plane dropped about 178 feet in less than five seconds. Passengers who were not wearing seatbelts were sent flying through the air and then falling back down.

The plane was diverted to Thailand and landed safely. Officials later said a 73-year-old British man was killed and 71 others were injured.

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