Home News Read the transcript of Vladimir Zelensky’s interview with The Times

Read the transcript of Vladimir Zelensky’s interview with The Times


I tell you honestly, if you get a chance to talk, even ask what’s going on at school, like I asked my son what happened. He said they started learning Spanish. I’m very interested in this. I don’t understand Spanish, but honestly I’m just interested in the time I get to spend with him, no matter what he’s doing. My son is still young. And my daughter, she’s grown up. These moments can recharge you and give you energy. These are the happiest moments. Then I can relax.

I also like reading books. To be honest, I will read any kind of novel at night, two pages, three pages, four pages, ten pages at most, and then fall asleep. It’s the same thing when I try to watch videos or movies in the evening – I just don’t have the energy. Let me tell you, once I’m in bed, no matter what I try to read or watch, I fall asleep. I get up early.

After family, probably the second thing that energizes me is exercise. It also gives me energy in the morning.

And maybe understand what we are doing, what we can do, and believe in the victory of Ukraine. I have a lot of faith in people, especially when people know and say, “We know how difficult this is for everyone, but Mr. President, you persevered and we’re with you.” I’m always with the people. I think we’ll recharge each other. So you see, it’s just emotions, some positive emotions, and that might be enough.

Q: You have been president for five years, a very uncertain time for Ukraine. Can you assess the health of democracy in wartime Ukraine? How would you like to see democracy develop in post-war Ukraine?

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