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Read about your trip to Montreal


If you want a little mystery, try a Louise Penny pop song “Three Pine Trees” Detective series. Although set in a fictional town in Quebec, her novels are often set in Montreal (“glass houseespecially. ) Kathy Reichs digs up the city’s bones in her thriller “Deja vu, dead.” Montreal’s rich queer culture reflected in bildungsroman “The Geography of Pluto” Author: Christopher DiRado, and “Bottle Rocket Heart” Author: Zoe Whittall.

Perhaps nothing will get you excited for a trip to Montreal more than the dazzling work of Heather O’Neill.in similar novels “The Little Criminal’s Lullaby” and “Lonely Hearts Hotel” O’Neill captures the city’s darkness and dreaminess in shimmering colors. O’Neill’s latest work, “When we lose our minds” is a dazzling dessert that gives you a keen eye to see what the Golden Square neighborhood of Montreal was like in the 19th century.

Among more contemporary books, there are a wealth of literary gems: “Our Lady of Mile End” Sarah Gilbert’s short story collection of the same name; “Ru,” Author Kim Thúy tells a wonderful story of Vietnamese immigrants, woven with poignant vignettes; and “bet, Created by Sean Michaels, it evokes both the everyday and magical elements of the city.

Montreal’s wonderful collection of novels both evokes memories and showcases the underbelly experiences of those who, for various reasons, live on the margins.in a symphony of acrimony “cockroach,” By Rawi Hage, a struggling Lebanese immigrant who fancied himself a literal cockroach. “Bones and Bread” Saleema Nawaz’s work explores the tumultuous lives of two orphaned sisters growing up in the Hasidic community of Mile End.For a dark depiction of working life (Montreal loves dark depictions of working life), consider “dishwasher,” Works by Stéphane Larue, adapted into films or fiery and magical “prostitute,” Author: Nellie Akan.

Library Pictorials and Quarterly Magazines is a beautiful independent bookstore located in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau region. It is also an internationally renowned comics publisher, publishing titles including Kate Beaton, Adrian Tomine, Lynda Barry and Chester Brown Brown et al. This bookstore’s carefully selected books and its gorgeous and unique interior make it a must-see. There are other lovely English bookstores to visit along the way: St. Henry Book Library, Argonaut Books (Montreal’s oldest independent film), this word.

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