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Monday Briefing: Russia advances into northern Ukraine


Russian troops have flooded Ukraine’s northeastern border over the past three days.they have More square miles driven every day than almost any other location During the war – except at the beginning – and was moving towards the vicinity of Kharkov.

Russian troops mobilized complex offensive on Friday. At least nine villages were captured. Now that some Ukrainian troops are retreating, some commanders have taken unusual steps to blame each other.

Ukraine’s top military commander, General Alexander Silsky, acknowledged that the situation had “significantly worsened.” But he said Russia’s attempts to break through Ukraine’s defenses had so far been unsuccessful.

Thousands of people fled to Kharkiv, the nearest large city to the village. About 20 miles from the border, currently safe. “We could hear the sound of machine gun fire getting closer,” said one woman who arrived recently. The Russians were “about to break in.”

TOLL: Villagers of Kherson region slowly rebuilding their lives After Ukraine beat back Russia. Now they are ready for a new round of attack.

In Russia: President Vladimir Putin Sergey Shoigu movesHis defense secretary was moved to head the National Security Council. It was the first shake-up of his national security team since the invasion began.

In Belarus: Russia is upgrading an ammunition depot that may be used to store nuclear weapons, Era analysis Satellite images of the discovery.

close ground combat Fierce clashes broke out between Hamas militants and Israeli troops over the weekend in Gaza City and nearby Jabaliya, both sides said.

It fits a now-familiar scenario: Israeli forces returning to areas where they defeated Hamas earlier in the war — particularly in the north — only to see the group fill the lawless power vacuum left behind.

Military analysts say Hamas is likely to regroup in the areas because Israel refuses to administer them itself or hand them over to non-Hamas Palestinian control. In another northern town, Beit Lahiya, weekend fighting left at least 12 people dead, the Palestinian Authority’s official news agency Wafa reported.

Other updates:

  • Rafa: U.S. intelligence says Yahya Sinwar, top leader of Hamas in Gaza Strip Not hiding in Rafah.Such an assessment could weaken Israel’s case for a major military operation in the city, U.N. agency says 300,000 people fled.

  • assistance: Food and goods flow into Gaza almost completely dry According to the United Nations, over the past week

Flash floods have killed more than 300 peopleAfghan and U.N. officials said the fires destroyed thousands of homes and engulfed entire villages. Heavy seasonal rains triggered flooding in the northern province of Baghlan and at least three other provinces, which appeared to have suffered the worst damage.

In Bangkok, the site of a factory that once produced cigarettes has been demolished. turned into an oasis Bringing fresh air to residents (as well as birds, bats, and mosquito-eating dragonflies) to the crowded, smoggy centers of big cities.

Australian letter: Floods cut off food supplies This year, remote First Nations communities need charter flights to stock up.

Regional councils across the UK have caused quite a stir as they start removing apostrophes from street signs such as St Mary’s Walk and the King’s Road. In protest of the move, an apostrophe was withdrawn.

Officials said the decision will make streets easier to search in the database. Some grammarians say that apostrophes have no real function. One linguist said they could be decorative and confusing, like “harpoons” of punctuation.

But some supporters are angry. The president of the Society for the Protection of Apostrophes, a small group in the UK, said phasing out apostrophes was “cultural destruction”.

“What’s next?” One former teacher added: “We just use emojis?”

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