Home News Heat wave scorches Mexico, with rolling blackouts in several cities

Heat wave scorches Mexico, with rolling blackouts in several cities


On Tuesday, rolling blackouts occurred in several Mexican cities and people in several states were unnerved by soaring temperatures, with the National Energy Agency briefly declaring a state of emergency.

A heat wave has swept through Mexico in recent days, with temperatures reaching triple digits in several states.Mexico City reaches its highest point on Tuesday 92 degrees Fahrenheit, May 7 was the hottest temperature recorded in the region in more than 20 years.

Mexican Energy Agency Cenace Announce The National Grid entered a state of emergency on Tuesday evening, meaning available power had dropped below adequate levels. Less than an hour later, the system was back to normal.

But local news outlets reported power outages throughout the night in cities across the country. Social media users uploaded photos and videos of dark city skylines.

Local officials confirmed multiple power outages in Mexico state, including san mateo atenko and Metepec, near Mexico City.During a power outage in Nuevo Laredo, near the Texas border, they Ask someone to avoid driving.

in a statementThe National Energy Administration attributed Tuesday afternoon’s power shortage to a range of factors, including lower wind and solar power generation. Some power plants were also said to have shut down at the time. The statement made no mention of the heat wave.

Subsequent increases in overnight demand required rolling blackouts across Mexico, the agency said.Power was gradually restored starting around 8 p.m. and is expected to continue until 11 p.m.

Mexico has experienced power outages before, including during extreme weather events such as hurricanes or heat waves.During the country’s power outage last June, local officials reported Hundreds die due to heat wave Even if federal and state governments don’t take them seriously.

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