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People often say that a crisis is useful to encourage change. When it comes to the world I work in, it has done just that… and just as well!

How did it all begin? In my family, the difficult thing would have been not to end up working in the world of architecture…. I’m a son and brother of architects; the family office was home and home was the office, the profession always on the table, drawing tables and spinning stools, metallic articulated lamps, the scratching of a ‘gillette’ on tracing paper, oh! And the annoying ‘rotring’ that needed to be cleaned from time to time!

El año 2000, con la carrera de Arquitectura Técnica acabada, me fui un año a trabajar a la Val d’Aran para tomar contacto con la realidad y coger experiencia. Acabado este periodo me establecí en el despacho familiar.


In the year 2000, with my technical architecture degree finished, I went to the Vall d’Aran to work for a year to get in touch with reality and acquire some practical experience. Once that period of my life was over, I settled down in my family’s office.

It was in this environment that my entrepreneurial spirit drove me, in 2005, to start up on my own two feet, testing myself in the ‘brick and stone’ world. I combined the technical projects with the unequal experience of jumping in at the deep end of real estate promotion. Considering we were at the gates of an economic crisis (yes… this one, the 2007 one!) and seeing everything that has happened since, I can say with absolute certainty that the whole experience was like an academic masters.

What do I have left from that time? ….the same willingness of doing a good job, a lot of experience and many experiences, as well as good and bad memories and great friends.

De toda esta experiencia impagable y después de haber pasado por todas las fases del proceso constructivo, aparte de haber sobrevivido, puedo afirmar que nada volverá a ser como antes y que esto es, sin ninguna duda, una buena noticia.

After this amazing chapter of my life and having been through all the fazes of the construction process, apart from having survived, I can affirm that nothing will ever go back to what it used to be and that this is, without a shadow of a doubt, very god news!

Here I leave you with a graph telling you where we come from and where we are headed:

Where we were


100% work

Quick… anything will do! 

…what!?? …how!??

Not good or pretty but very cheap… Not value

Buying cheap and selling expensive. Speculation

Values / Requirements

Dedication to the profession


Energetic efficiency



Where we are


 80% work / 20% learning

Job well done

Sostenible future.

Added value

Strict control of Economic managment