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Boeing plane overruns runway in Senegal, injuring at least 10 people


Senegal’s transport minister said at least 10 people, including the pilot, were injured when a Boeing jet overshot the runway while aborting takeoff at Senegal’s international airport on the outskirts of Dakar on Thursday.

Air Senegal flight HC301, by across aviation, The early morning flight was carrying 79 passengers, two pilots and four crew members. Blaise Diagne Malik Ndiaye, Minister of Infrastructure and Land and Air Transport, as Mali’s Bamako International Airport overshot the runway. said in a statement Post on social media.

Ndiaye said emergency services had been deployed to evacuate passengers and the injured were receiving medical attention.

Video sourced from social media and Published by Associated Press, Footage showed passengers descending emergency slides in darkness as the side of the plane was on fire. “Our plane just caught fire,” Cheick Siriman Sissoko, a music artist from Mali, wrote in a statement. post on facebook, the Associated Press reported. He could not be reached by phone late Thursday.

Mr Ndiaye said the cause of the incident was under investigation.

The Transair aircraft was a Boeing 737-300, an older model manufactured in 1994.Boeing has classified it as Strict review after series of accidents and breakdowns Involving newer versions of the 737, questions about the incident in Senegal were referred to Transair.

“Operators operate and maintain aircraft for 30 to 40 years,” Boeing said in an emailed statement.

Transair releases minister’s Statement on its Facebook page, did not respond to an email Thursday. Air Senegal has yet to issue a statement on the incident.

The airport is located more than an hour’s drive from the center of the capital, Dakar, and opened in 2017. It was temporarily closed on Thursday morning and operations resumed in the afternoon.

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