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A Gaza official said the attack had killed 21 people, and there were other reports.


  • Gaza officials say at least 21 dead, dozens injured On Tuesday, the airstrikes hit a tent area housing displaced people in Al-Mawasi, a coastal area in southern Gaza that Israel has designated as a safe humanitarian zone, not far from the city of Rafah. The Israeli military immediately denied carrying out any strikes in the area. Video footage verified by The New York Times showed multiple casualties in an agricultural area near the area, where people had been living in tents. Most of the dead and wounded were taken to a nearby field hospital, while others were taken to a hospital in the city of Khan Younis, said Dr. Mohammed Al Moghayer, a Gaza official and the Palestinian Civil Defense Organization. The New York Times verified the location of the video by matching footage from the aftermath with satellite imagery of the area, but could not verify whether the damage was caused by an Israeli airstrike.

  • About a million people have fled Rafah During the Israeli offensive against southern Gaza cities, According to the United NationsThe evacuation is the latest in a series of exoduses from Rafah, once a major destination for people leaving other parts of the enclave. Shift string Launched from Israel The war to dismantle HamasThe militant group led deadly attacks on Israel on October 7.

  • China joins international call Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said China expressed “serious concern” about the Israeli military’s actions in Rafah, citing an order from the International Court of Justice last week that appeared to call on Israel to stop its military offensive there. China “opposes any violation of international law” and “strongly urges Israel to listen to the voice of the international community and stop attacking Rafah.”

  • Egypt security forces member killed Near the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip and Investigation ongoingOn Monday, an Egyptian military spokesman said Israeli troops had withdrawn from the border after the Israeli military reported shooting at the border. Egypt’s state-run Al Qahera News cited an unnamed security official as saying there appeared to be an exchange of fire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters, and the ensuing fighting left one soldier dead. The New York Times could not independently verify the specific circumstances of the shooting.

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