Estudi d'arquitectura on combinem conceptes com funcionalitat, sostenibilitat, tradició, reutilització, proximitat, diferenciació, … i com no pot ser d’una altra manera, amb cost acurat i controlat.
Albert Altisent, Tremp, arquitecte, estudi d'arquitectura, Pallars, projectes d'obra nova, rehabilitació, gestió urbanística, càlculo d'estructuras, diseny d'interiors, espais, arquitectura, espais amb encant, funcionalitat, sostenibilitat, tradició, reutilització, proximitat, diferenciació
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Phase 0

The first step is…

I suggest we meet up for a coffee and you can show me the space you want to transform and the ideas you have.

The cost of this phase is just one.


Phase 1

Shall we begin…?


Shall we begin? …we have arrived at phase 1!

I will measure the space and I will draw it.

I will come up with an initial proposal and we can have a look at the possibilities.

Now we know what we have and what we could have.


Phase 2

Do you want to create something original, “different” and personal?

Let’s prepare new proposals and dive in to the process of transforming.

This is where we will define the project on a graphic level and be very clear about what we are working on.

We will then transform the process and you will be able to appreciate it in 3D.

If you need me to, I will also take care of all the paperwork.

We are now ready to start… Do you like it?


Phase 3

Let’s start the building…?

When it comes to building, improvising can make the cost shoot up and the whole process take much longer.

Having made an initial investment, the work we have already done allows us to:

  • Control the budget.
  • Meet our self-imposed deadlines.
  • The quality will meet expectations.
  • Allow you to enjoy every step of the way. I’m sure the sentence ‘I hope it’s all over soon’ rings a bell…