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Who is the new British Foreign Secretary David Lammy?


David Lammy’s son Guyana Immigration The man who grew up in poverty in working-class London became Britain’s top diplomat on Friday, leading Britain’s foreign policy at a time of great challenge for the country.

Mr. Lammy, 51 years old Deep ties to the U.S.He spent summers with relatives in Brooklyn and Queens and earned a master’s degree from Harvard Law School.

He met Obama at a Harvard black alumni gathering 20 years ago. This year, he had dinner with the former US president when Obama visited London. When Obama first ran for president, Lamy campaigned for him in Chicago and has established a deep network of contacts within the Democratic Party.

exist An article in Diplomacy magazine Mr Lamy wrote in an article published in April that he would focus on rebuilding Relations with the EUThe European Union is in turmoil over Britain’s exit from the bloc, and his priority is supporting Ukraine.

“Above all, Britain must continue to support Ukraine,” he wrote. “The future of European security depends on the outcome of a war there, and the British government must reassure the Kremlin that it will back Kiev for as long as it takes to achieve victory.”

Labour said its commitment to NATO was “unshakable” and vowed to increase military spending from 2.2% of GDP to 2.5% “as soon as possible”. On the Gaza war, the party said it would push for an immediate ceasefire and the release of Israeli hostages held there.

Mr Lamy told The New York Times this year that if he were lucky enough to become foreign minister he would be “very aware that I would be the first – and I almost get excited saying this – the first foreign secretary to be the descendant of slaves”.

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