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President Biden had seemed confused or listless in the weeks and months before last week’s poor debate performance, according to current and former officials, who said his missteps appeared to be increasing. More frequent, more obvious, more worrying.

Biden, 81, has clearly not always been this way: Many of those who were with him after the debate found him to be sharp, coherent and competent. But many believe he is a very different person today than when he took office three and a half years ago.

Biden gave a speech in Virginia yesterday Admitted that he “fell asleep on stage” In last week’s poor debate, he blamed his performance on “traveling around the world a few times” two weeks ago. “That’s not an excuse, that’s an explanation,” he said.

opponent: Donald Trump, 78, has also shown signs of decline over the years, often making incoherent remarks. While voters also expressed concerns about his age, they were not as concerned about him as they were about Biden.

Israel New round of evacuation orders issued Yesterday, thousands of Palestinians fled their homes again in search of relative safety following riots in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis. The United Nations estimates that around 250,000 people will have to leave the area to comply with the new order.

The trigger for the evacuation order appeared to be the Israeli military’s claim that Palestinian militants had fired about 20 rockets from Khan Yunis a day earlier. The Israeli military said its troops had fought back overnight after “helping civilians evacuate the area.”

Call for a ceasefire: Israel’s top military leader Hope for a ceasefire in Gaza Security officials say they are unwilling to abandon that position, even if Hamas remains in power for now, a stance that puts them at odds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposes a deal that would allow Hamas to survive the war.

A stampede at a Hindu prayer meeting in Uttar Pradesh yesterday left one person dead More than 100 people Local officials said high temperatures and overcrowding sparked panic at the gathering, which appeared to have far exceeded the 5,000 people allowed by the permit.

Most of the dead and injured were women and children, who appeared to have been suffocated by the crowd as they fled the venue. Witnesses told local media that some victims fell into the gutter one by one.

context: Stampedes are common during religious pilgrimages in India, often because of poor public safety measures. Recently, authorities have stepped up surveillance with more police and drones.

Russia’s invasion has turned Ukraine into the Silicon Valley of autonomous weapons, which are often made by local companies adapting consumer products.

The advent of off-the-shelf equipment, software, powerful algorithms, and specialized AI microchips has pushed a deadly innovation race into uncharted territory, fueling The new era of killer robots is coming.

Life experience: Painter and sculptor June Leaf’s exploration of the female form paved the way for generations of feminist artists. Died at the age of 94.

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