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US to redirect Patriot missile deliveries to Ukraine


The Biden administration will delay shipments of certain weapons to other countries in an effort to speed up delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine, a move a White House spokesman said Thursday was a “difficult but necessary decision” given Russia’s advances in the war.

Spokesman John Kirby said Ukraine urgently needs Patriot missile interceptors as Russia accelerates its attacks on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure.

“This decision demonstrates our commitment to supporting our partners in their time of existential crisis,” Mr Kirby told reporters. He said the move would not affect weapons deliveries to Israel or Taiwan.

The Patriot missile is the Pentagon’s standard air defense system for ground forces to defend against aerial threats. US launches first Patriot missile Traveling to Ukraine in December 2022.

“The broader message here to Russia is clear,” Mr. Kirby said. “If you think you can outlast Ukraine, if you think you can outlast those of us who support Ukraine, you are dead wrong.”

He added that the United States had informed its allies of the delay and that many of them had “general understanding” of the move.

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