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Tuesday’s briefing: Prosecution’s star witness in Trump trial


Michael Cohen—the all-powerful fixer who once bragged about burying Donald Trump’s secrets and spreading his lies— Testified yesterday in Trump criminal trial. In a key paragraph, he said the hush money payment he made to Stormy Daniels was made at Trump’s direction.

“He said to me, ‘Just do it,'” Cohen said on the witness stand, adding, “I’m doing everything I can, and more, to protect my boss.”

This is the latest.

Cohen’s testimony was crucial in linking Trump to charges of a conspiracy to protect his 2016 presidential campaign by burying Daniels’s account of a 2006 sexual encounter. Cohen admitted to lying and bullying for Trump, buying and suppressing negative coverage while acting as a “thug.”

Cohen still faces defense cross-examination; It also confirms some key claims.

Trump’s lawyers argued that Trump was unaware of the machinations of his intermediaries. Cohen describes his boss as a micromanager. Trump’s team has also sought to paint its client as a family man deeply concerned that Daniels’ allegations would damage his marriage. Cohen described Trump as callous and callous, saying it was “all about the campaign.”

President Vladimir Putin’s surprise choice to lead Russia’s massive defense minister made his first public appearance since assuming his new role yesterday and talked more about bureaucracy than the battlefield in Ukraine.

The appointment of Andrei Belousov, a soft-spoken economic policy expert, marks the beginning of Putin’s Focus on subordinating the Russian economy to meet its military needs to sustain a war of attrition with Ukraine.

In his speech, Belousov did not mention the situation on the front line, where Russian troops are launching a new offensive in the northeast. He describes his top priority as improving the care and quality of life of soldiers, veterans and their families.

Belousov said it was “absolutely unacceptable” that soldiers were transferred to overcrowded hospitals while on leave. “This problem needs to be addressed.”

On the war zone: A top Ukrainian general says his troops are fighting “Critical” situation In the northeast, it attempted to repel the Russian offensive.Ukraine is increasingly failed to stop russian missiles Because it is waiting for more weapons to strengthen its air defense capabilities.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has for years oversaw a secret police force in Gaza that spied on young people, journalists and those who questioned the government, according to intelligence officials and internal documents reviewed by The Times. Create a profile.

The documentary “Super Size Me” released 20 years ago triggered a backlash against McDonald’s, a symbol of American capitalist hegemony.but it didn’t stick.

Not only is McDonald’s now bigger than ever, with nearly 42,000 stores worldwide, but the fast-food industry in general is booming.

The Cannes Film Festival opens today in the south of France.Times culture reporter Kyle Buchanan writes Films, artists and events we’ll be following.

Some 45 years after Apocalypse Now won the Palme d’Or, Francis Ford Coppola returns with Megacity, starring Adam Driver as a visionary architect determined to Rebuild the city after the disaster. It’s hard to imagine a friendlier place than Coppola’s venerable Cannes Film Festival.

But the biggest movie premiere will be “Furiosa: The Mad Max Legend.Expect a red carpet moment from Anya Taylor-Joy, who takes over the title role from Charlize Theron’s original.

Real-world controversy could seep into the glitzy festival. Festival staff may strike out of frustration over contract. The French film industry is considering #MeToo, with more accusations rumored to emerge during the festival.

PS “The Retrievals,” a podcast from Serial Productions and The Times about deception at Yale Fertility Clinic, won Peabody Award.

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