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Tuesday briefs: Supreme Court grants Trump significant immunity


The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Donald Trump Enjoy virtual immunity from prosecutionIt’s a significant statement of presidential power that could have long-term consequences.

The ruling, which was passed 6-3 along party lines, hinged on the distinction between official and private conduct. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, said a broad exemption for official conduct was needed to protect “a vigorous and independent executive.”

The ruling will almost certainly delay Trump’s trial for conspiring to subvert the 2020 election until after the 2024 election. The case now returns to lower courts, which will decide whether Trump acted for official or private purposes. If Trump wins reelection, he could simply order the Justice Department to drop the charges.

this Dissenting liberal judge The ruling expanded immunity and threatened to undermine democracy, warning that it would make the president “a king above the law”.

For many people, France It feels like another place Yesterday, the French election results came in after the first round of early voting. The far-right National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen won a record number of votes, while the centrist Ennahda party led by President Emmanuel Macron seemed on the verge of collapse. Five revelations.

The runoff elections kicked off on Sunday. Only 76 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly were won outright, and a fierce battle for the remaining seats will begin this week.

The big question is whether the National Rally can win enough seats in the runoff to secure an outright majority. If that happens, Macron would be forced to appoint a political rival as prime minister, which would alter domestic policy and disrupt foreign policy.

Failure to do so would likely lead to chaos in the National Assembly, with Macron’s party and its allies caught between the left and the right. My colleague Roger Cohen wrote in an analysisFrance could face months of political deadlock or instability.

President Biden’s top campaign officials are expected to hold a major call with donors in an attempt to Convince them that the president can still beat Donald Trump November.

The campaign’s rush to talk to donors is the most formal effort yet to calm fears of Biden’s shaky, disjointed performance in Thursday’s debate. Maintaining that donor base is critical to the president’s continued candidacy, even as his team prepares this week for poll results that could show whether the debate dented his support.

Just a few decades ago, many researchers considered pets to be unserious research subjects. Companion animals are popular in science.

Experts around the world are delving into the physical and psychological aspects of cats and dogs, research that sometimes relies on data from tens of thousands of pet owners and has the potential to inform human medicine.

Life experience: Ismail Kadare is an Albanian novelist and poet whose dark and allegorical works indirectly criticize the country’s totalitarian government. Died at the age of 88. This is A guide to his books.

The National Trust, which oversees many valuable historic buildings, owns dozens of properties with deep links to colonial exploitation and slavery.

But when the trust highlighted these links in exhibitions at dozens of its venues, it sparked a conservative backlash. Right-wing columnists and academics accused the trust of being “woke” and “anti-British” and began a campaign to overturn some of the changes. A fight broke out on social media and right-wing newspapers in Britain.

The foundation’s director general, Hilary McGrady, said she could understand that the changes “might be upsetting to some people”. But she could not comprehend claims that the foundation was “madly destroying history”.

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