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The most important person in Germany this month is the country’s football coach


However, the rise of the far right is not the only crisis facing Germany. In a downturn: According to a survey, only 28% of companies said the situation is good Recent Surveysand believe Schultz Administration has declined. Southern Germany is suffering Floods kill six In June, major transport waterways such as the Rhine and Danube rivers frequently dried up, and shipping was often forced to be suspended.

“The economy is bad, there’s a lack of innovation, there are infrastructure problems, inflation, a slow bureaucracy,” said Dr. Echterhof, a psychology professor, ticking off Germany’s problems like a shopping list. “And that’s not even counting the multiple international crises, like the war in Ukraine that Russia is waging. All of these factors add up to a real threat to Germany’s self-esteem.”

It is no surprise, then, that preparations for the European Championship have been relatively uneventful.

“Emotions, especially domestic ones, can’t really be measured,” Dirk Petz, a columnist for the Times, wrote this week. All he could do, he said, was to use his own example. “I didn’t feel any of those emotions during this game. Not at all.”

In preparation for the European Championship, the German team has been emphasizing its diverse identity. Adidas, the team’s main sponsor, has carefully crafted Advertising campaigns Playing with what is “typically German” and what is not. Gündogan, who was born in Germany to Turkish parents, is the best of the bunch. So is the ridiculously young Nagelsmann.

Most telling, though, is one of the ad’s opening shots, which shows a fan wearing a Croatian shirt with a German shirt underneath. In a country where around 30% of the population can claim to be immigrants, supporting both teams is now as “quintessentially German” as Goethe, Schiller and winning on penalties.

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