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The left united to prevent the far right from taking power. Its strategy appears to be working.


While vote counting was still underway across France on Sunday evening, one thing was already clear: The left-wing coalition called the New Popular Front performed much better than expected and helped prevent a victory for the far right.

Projections show the alliance will take the lead and win dozens of seats – a feat for a coalition formed only last month with the goal of preventing the far-right National Rally from taking power.

The coalition includes four left-wing parties: the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Green Party and the far-left party France Indomitable. While many in France cheered the defeat of the far right, others are worried about what the far left might bring.

Last week, after the first of two rounds of voting, the alliance withdrew more than 130 candidates from a three-way race that the far-right was expected to win, and urged its supporters to vote strategically against far-right candidates.

The strategy appears to have worked.

Despite the clear victory for left-wing parties, opinion polls show no party or coalition has an outright majority to become a possible option for forming a government.

However, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, founder of the combative and divisive France Indomitable party, soon announced that his party was unwilling to negotiate a coalition government. Instead, he demanded that the left-wing coalition take power so that it could implement “the entire project.”

Socialist leader Olivier Faure also said the coalition would not negotiate on forming a coalition government.

“It would betray the votes of the French people and prolong the Macronist agenda,” he said.

Some voters view the alliance, whose members have been accused of anti-Semitism, as at least as dangerous as the far right, and some economists worry about its spending plans at a time when France is already mired in debt.

The far left’s platform includes Raise the French monthly minimum wage and lower the statutory retirement age from 64 to 60. Build one million new affordable housing units within five years. Freeze the prices of basic necessities such as food, energy and gasThe state will also pay for all costs families incur related to their children’s education, including cafeteria meals, transportation and extracurricular activities.

Rather than drastically cut immigration numbers, as the far right had promised, the coalition pledged to make the asylum process more relaxed and seamless.

The New Popular Front has pledged to raise the tens of billions of euros needed to implement its plans by taxing the rich.

“It’s time to tax the super-rich and super-profits,” Fall said to cheers Sunday night.

It is unclear who among the coalition leaders would be nominated as prime minister if President Emmanuel Macron authorizes the formation of a government.

During four weeks of intense campaigning, three of the four party leaders insisted they would not be led by Mélenchon..

Amid growing attacks and threats against French Jews, Mr Mélenchon has been accused several times of inciting anti-Semitism.

His politically fervent stance and unwavering pro-Palestinian views following the October 7 attack on Israel were the main reasons for the disintegration of the four groups last year after months of strained relations over other issues.

Mr. Melenchon He refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization and strongly condemned Israel’s military operations in Gaza as “genocide.” A large demonstration against anti-Semitism, attended by two former French presidentsThis was a gathering of “Friends of the Unconditional Support of the Holocaust.”

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