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Right-wing disruptor Nigel Farage elected MP for first time


Nigel FarageHe is a supporter of former President Donald J. Trump, the driving force behind Brexit and Britain’s most prominent political troublemaker, having been elected to the British Parliament for the first time.

His new insurgent party, Reform UK, is projected to win four seats and a large number of votes in national exit polls in an electoral system that typically penalizes smaller parties. His party is supported by an anti-immigration platform.

Farage won by a huge margin in Clacton, a run-down seaside town, with pre-election polls giving him a strong chance of winning. He had tried and failed seven times before to be elected MP.

“The establishment is scared, the Conservatives are scared,” Mr Farage declared triumphantly In a speech last monthHe also said Britain was “a broken country” and attacked everyone from asylum seekers to the BBC.

Mr Farage, 60, is a highly controversial, combative figure and a highly skilled communicator who helped the Conservatives to a landslide victory at the last general election by not fielding Brexit Party candidates in many key areas.

This time his plan was different: to destroy the Conservatives by taking a large chunk of their votes and then replace or take over what was left of the party. Early in the campaign, when a reporter asked him if he wanted to merge his new party with the Conservatives, he responded:More like a takeover, dear boy.

Reform Britain has come under fire in recent weeks after some of its candidates were caught making inflammatory comments. One said Britain should have continued Remaining neutral in the fight against the Nazis; another one uses Anti-Semitic tropes Claims Jewish groups are “encouraging large numbers of Muslims to enter the UK”.

The party has blamed some of its problems on growing pains, has dropped some candidates, and Threatening legal action against private companies It pays to vet candidates.

Last week, Channel 4 News conducted an undercover investigation of reformist activists in Clacton Use of racist and homophobic languageOne used abusive language to describe Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

But for two decades he has shaped the British political conversation, advancing the cause of Brexit, overtaking the Conservative Party and pushing it further to the right.

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