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North Korea’s latest missile test points to arms race with South Korea


North Korea said on Tuesday it had tested a new ballistic missile equipped with a “super-large warhead,” the first in a series of Arms race Like South Korea, countries are racing to roll out weapons of increasing destructive power.

Two new missiles, the Hwasong-11Da-4.5, were launched on Monday, each carrying a dummy warhead weighing 4.5 tons, North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency reported. Ballistic missiles usually carry warheads weighing less than a ton.

South Korea already has similar missiles capable of delivering large warheads. North Korea’s Hwasong-11 series missiles are thought to be able to carry payloads of half a ton to 2.5 tons, but “theoretically” they could be modified to deliver a 4.5-ton payload, said Colonel Lee Sung-jun, a South Korean military spokesman.

But in his report on Tuesday, Colonel Lee accused North Korea of ​​deceptively exaggerating its capabilities. He said one of the two missiles launched by North Korea on Monday crashed in an open field after an “abnormal” flight.

US accuses North Korea Supply of Hwasong-11 missile Travel to Russia Used against Ukraine. Both Pyongyang and Moscow deny engaging in arms trade as it would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

Monday’s launch was the second major weapons test reported since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin. Heading to Pyongyang for talks June 19. Last week, North Korea First claim South Korea has also expressed doubts about reports that North Korea has tested the technology to launch multiple nuclear warheads from a single missile.

Citing the growing threat from North Korea’s nuclear program, South Korea has increased its military spending in recent years. Underground bunker North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is hidden here, and in the event of a war, North Korea’s political and military leaders may also hide here. South Korea also purchased US Stealth Fighter.

In 2020, South Korea said it had developed a ballistic missile “One of the largest warheads in the world.” In 2021, Mr. swear Developing a “super-large nuclear warhead”, and later that year North Korea said it had launched New ballistic missile It can carry a 2.5-ton warhead.

South Korean defense officials later said they were developing a ballistic missile with a larger warhead. South Korean news media said the missile could carry Up to eight tons.

Putin’s visit to Pyongyang last month sparked fears in the region that Russia would help North Korea develop missiles in return for supplying Russia with large quantities of artillery shells, ballistic missiles and other conventional munitions for its war of attrition in Ukraine. Kim and Putin also signed a treaty that included a commitment to defend each other if either country was attacked.

North Korea called this week’s missile test a success of “great significance”. The results were reported to a plenary meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party Central Committee that ended on Monday, according to state media. The meeting said another test of the Hwasong-11Da-4.5 missile would be conducted later this month.

Kim uses party meetings to release policy goals and tighten his grip on power. State media showed for the first time in photos of the latest meeting that delegates wore brooches with Kim’s portrait, just as they have worn for years to honor his predecessors as supreme leader, his father and grandfather.

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