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Monday Briefing: Sympathy for Gaza wanes among some Israelis


According to interviews in right-wing and liberal strongholds in southern Israel and residents across the country, some Israelis have a hard time expressing concern for the suffering people of Gaza.

Although the Israelis were aware of the devastation in the area, Many in the country ask why they should express sympathy When they say there were no problems with the Palestinians on October 7th.

They accuse Hamas of starting the war and of invading Gaza neighborhoods, endangering civilians. The October 7 attack was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust, but the pain is still raw and increasingly overshadowed by anger.

Israel’s mainstream media has also paid little attention to the suffering of Gaza’s civilians, instead frequently broadcasting funerals and profiles of soldiers killed in battle.

diplomatic: Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant Visited Washington Meetings with senior U.S. officials yesterday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed new dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s allocation of arms for the Gaza war.

Western Bank: An influential Israeli official said the government is secretly working to Strict control over the occupied areasIn recorded remarks at a private event on Saturday, Israeli troops tie a wounded Palestinian to a military vehicleThe scene was captured on video and quickly went viral online, sparking outrage and a promise by the Israeli military to investigate.

Gunner At least six police officers and a priest were killed. Shootings took place in two cities in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan, local officials said. A dozen police officers were injured, the state news agency reported. Officials said the attacks appeared to be coordinated and targeted a synagogue, at least two churches and a police post.

More than a dozen police officers were injured, the Russian state news agency reported, citing local law enforcement officials. The shootings took place in the capital, Makhachkala, and the city of Derbent, which borders Azerbaijan. Russia’s Investigative Committee, Russia’s equivalent of the U.S. FBI, said it had opened a terrorism investigation.

area: Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim but Jewish region, has been plagued by violence for at least three decades, with ethnic and religious tensions exacerbated since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

China and the EU Said they would sit down Attempts to resolve an escalating dispute over proposed tariffs. Billions of dollars in trade are at stake.

The apparent easing of tensions came after the European Union proposed tariffs of up to 38% on Chinese-made electric vehicles, while China threatened to impose tariffs on pork imports from Europe.

Drag Going mainstream in the PhilippinesThe Philippines is one of the largest Christian countries and one of the most gay-friendly in Asia. But gay people in the Philippines still don’t have much legal protection and gay marriage is not allowed, so for many artists, drag means more than sequins and performances.

“Drag is not just entertainment,” said one performer. “Men dressing up as women in public is a form of resistance in itself.”

How to Make a Million Before Your Grandma Dies Unexpectedly sweeping Southeast AsiaAfter watching the tear-jerking video, people posted it on social media.

The film explores the tensions that arise in a family just before the head of the household is about to die, as well as the ongoing sexism that exists within it. When an aimless young man takes care of his dying grandmother, he initially hopes to inherit her house, but he gradually comes to a better understanding of the complex relationships that make up his Thai-Chinese family.

A 27-year-old financial consultant in Singapore uploaded TikTok Videos After watching the movie, he choked up and wrote, “I’m going to run over and hug my grandma right now!!”

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