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ANC loses political monopoly This is South Africa’s first presidential election since the overthrow of the last white regime 30 years ago.

Counting results on Saturday showed the ANC had won only about 40% of the vote, a sharp drop from the nearly 58% the party won in the 2019 general election and far from an absolute majority.

The party, which won international acclaim under Nelson Mandela, will now have two weeks to form a government with one or more of its rivals. Without an outright majority, the ANC will no longer be able to pick the country’s president and President Cyril Ramaphosa may also not be able to run for a second term.

A major question is whether the ANC will embrace or exclude its former leader, Jacob Zuma, who resigned as president in 2018 amid corruption charges. The party he founded six months ago won 15% of the vote. The following may happen next.

Mexican voters are awaiting the results of yesterday’s election, which will The country is almost certain to elect its first female president.

Both leading candidates are women: climate scientist Claudia Sheinbaum, who represents President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s ruling party, and businesswoman Xochitl Gálvez, who represents the opposition. The race showcases the huge strides women have made in Mexican politics, where women were not allowed to vote until 1953.

President Biden’s Gaza ceasefire proposal Putting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a difficult position.

As Israel faces growing diplomatic isolation, Netanyahu appears to be faced with a choice: maintain his hawkish government or reach a deal to repatriate the hostages. Far-right members of Netanyahu’s ruling coalition have said they will abandon the deal if he accepts a ceasefire before Hamas is eliminated, while centrist leaders have threatened to withdraw their support for Netanyahu without a clear way forward.

Satellite internet service Starlink has brought internet to the Marubo, an indigenous tribe living in a remote village in the Amazon rainforest.

The Marubo and other indigenous tribes have resisted modernization for generations. Now facing potential and danger the internet, while debating what it means for their identity and culture. Watch this video From my colleague Jack Nicas.

Life experience: U Tin Oo was a former military leader in Myanmar who opposed the country’s oppressive government and led a democracy movement. He died at the age of 97.

Real Madrid 2-0 Dortmund: Analysis from UEFA Champions League Final.

Las Vegas Grand Prix: Officials predict Smoother race This year, after problems with the inaugural 2023 edition.

A century after his death, Franz Kafka has become a TikTok star. The writer, known for nightmarish stories like “The Metamorphosis,” epitomized a generation’s growing sense of alienation. My colleague Amanda Hess writes.

“The internet, where we are now expected to shape our selves, is also a machine for the destabilization of identity,” Hess continued. “When Kafka wrote ‘I have almost nothing in common with myself,’ he was probably describing the experience of confronting his own online image.”

PS The Times published “animal”, a six-part audio series in which author Sam Anderson interacts with different creatures.

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