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Israel said it attacked a missile launch site in a “humanitarian zone” in Gaza.


The Israeli military said on Friday it had struck a missile launch site belonging to Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants inside a displaced persons shelter in the Khan Younis “humanitarian zone” in southern Gaza.

The account could not be independently verified, but armed groups have used Gazans as human shields, held weapons and fired rockets from civilian areas. Local residents could not immediately reach reporters.

The military said on Friday that “various measures were taken to mitigate harm to unaffected civilians” before the attack.

Israel insists that while they are responding to Hamas’s tactics of operating in civilian centres, they are careful to avoid killing civilians. Gaza authorities dispute this assertion, with the death toll in the region rising. Health authorities say Israel’s military campaign has killed more than 37,000 people. They do not distinguish between fighters and civilians.

Dozens of Palestinians killed In May, an Israeli airstrike hit a makeshift camp in southern Gaza. Israel said it destroyed a rocket launcher used by Hamas in the attack. Located in central Israel A few hours earlier, Israel launched another attack, but the attack was not near the camp. A few hours later, Israel launched another attack, dropping two 250-pound bombs on makeshift buildings in the camp, sending shrapnel flying and starting fires.

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