Home News Israel prepares to send troops to Lebanon in response to possible escalation

Israel prepares to send troops to Lebanon in response to possible escalation


Israeli news media reported on Wednesday that Northern border regionIn a television interview on Sunday, Netanyahu said the Gaza war was entering a new phase. Low intensity stageallowing the military to turn more attention to Lebanon. “We will be able to move some of our forces to the north,” he said.

Israeli military Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi also visited Israel’s northern border with Lebanon on Wednesday and held a “situation assessment” with local commanders, according to an Israeli military statement.

Israel’s military conducted military training in the north on Wednesday to prepare for what the military called “extreme situations,” including “operating in complex mountainous terrain, firing and urban warfare.” The military said the exercise was intended to “increase combat readiness in the north.”

The Israeli military said on Wednesday its fighter jets struck Hezbollah military facilities and targeted several other locations in southern Lebanon.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog To Community Leaders In northern Israel Two-day visit He said the international community should not be surprised if “the situation gets out of control,” accusing Lebanon’s Hezbollah of repeatedly violating treaties and international agreements.

Last week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Lebanon’s militias did not want a wider conflict but were ready for war. “We are ready for the hardest days,” Mr Nasrallah said. “If war breaks out, the resistance will fight without constraints, rules or restrictions,” he added.

Both sides seek to maintain Attack and counterattack While tensions have eased somewhat, the rhetoric and frequency of attacks have increased in recent weeks. Since the latest conflict between Israel and Lebanon broke out, Israeli and Lebanese civilians have been killed and more than 150,000 people have been forced from their homes in the border region.

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