Home News Hurricane Beryl hits Carriacou Island, Grenada

Hurricane Beryl hits Carriacou Island, Grenada


Barbados officials said Monday the island has yet to suffer the worst impacts of Typhoon Belyl.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley said in a national broadcast from the island’s emergency operations center that up to 20 fishing boats may have sunk, including two popular cruisers. However, she added: “It could be much worse for us.”

She said about 40 homes so far are known to have roof or structural damage, though that number is expected to rise as more than 400 residents return home from shelters.

According to initial reports, the storm surge in St. Lucia caused extensive damage to fishing boats, with at least 20 boats sunk. Dozens of houses were also damaged.

People across the Eastern Caribbean began preparing for the storm over the weekend, including those who made last-minute purchases of supplies.

“Hurricanes are not something we take lightly as a family at home,” said Fleur Maturin, who lives in St. Lucia, where parts of the island are experiencing power outages. “My family, my grandmother, my great-grandchildren, have all been through Hurricanes Allen and Gilbert, and they always tell us that.”

As of Monday afternoon, the storm was expected to continue to hit the Caribbean and reach Jamaica on Wednesday, possibly becoming a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said.

Reporting was contributed by Julius Gittens, Linda Straker, Kenton X. Chance, Sharefil Gaillard, Maria Abi-Habib and Maria Abi-Habib.

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