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Horses galloping freely in central London create a surreal spectacle


Several runaway army horses galloped through the streets of London on Wednesday morning, startling pedestrians, brushing against cars and buses and turning a normal rush hour into a frightening, almost surreal spectacle.

A person was being treated for injuries after being thrown from a horse on Buckingham Palace Road, London Ambulance Service said. News outlets reported that the horses belonged to the Household Cavalry, a ceremonial force that parades during royal ceremonies.

The ambulance service later said at least five people were injured at three locations from Victoria to Belgrave Square and Fleet Street. At 10:30 a.m., the Metropolitan Police said all horses had been recovered.

The drama began shortly after 8am when the apparently frightened horses threw off their exercising riders as they left the barracks in Hyde Park. Photos show a soldier lying on the ground not far from Buckingham Palace receiving medical treatment.

Shortly before 10 a.m., City of London police reported that officers had corralled two horses near Limehouse, a community near London’s Thames Docklands area. This shows that they have traveled through much of London, from Westminster through Covent Garden and through the Financial District.

“We are waiting for Army horse boxes to collect the horses and transport them to a veterinarian,” city police said in a statement.

Later the army spokesman Tell The horses were recovered and returned to the camp, The Daily Telegraph reported. “A number of people and horses were injured and are receiving appropriate medical care,” the spokesman said.

Video footage shows two riderless horses – one of which is white and appears to have blood on its neck, chest and forelegs – galloping through Aldwych, a posh neighborhood south of Covent Garden. The clatter of their hooves echoed among the majestic stone buildings, pedestrians scattered, cars honked, and double-decker buses screeched to a stop.

The white horse, wearing a saddle and stirrups, was later captured on video galloping near Tower Bridge. Other photos showed a double-decker tour bus with its windscreen smashed and a gray van with a dented door and smashed windows.

As the incident unfolded, the Metropolitan Police said, “We are aware that a number of horses are currently missing in central London and are working with colleagues, including the Army, to find them.” Police did not provide details of where the horses came from, but the Army They were confirmed to belong to the Household Cavalry.

The Household Cavalry, made up of two of the most senior units in the British military – the Lifeguards and the Blues and Royals – are a common sight at royal pageants, from the coronation of King Charles III last May to his state funeral. In September 2022, mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Its horses are trained to walk comfortably on busy streets and among crowds of people.

Visitors often pose for photos in front of the horses at Horse Guards Parade, a parade ground in Whitehall just north of 10 Downing Street. The soldiers riding them only occasionally scolded visitors for coming too close or disturbing the animals.

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