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Hezbollah threatens Cyprus. Here’s why.


Cyprus was thrust into the world’s spotlight this week after Hezbollah’s leader threatened to target Cyprus if it supported a war with Israel.

As violence escalates between powerful Lebanese militias backed by Iran and Israeli troops on the Israel-Lebanon border, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned on Wednesday that Cyprus would punish it if it allowed Israel to use its airports and bases to attack Lebanon, saying it would be “part of the war.”

this Mr Nasrallah’s warning World leaders are struggling to contain the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, even as both sides work to avoid an escalating cycle of attacks and counterattacks. Into all-out war.

Let us take a closer look at how Cyprus got into this predicament.

Cyprus and Israel Economic, political and strategic relationsThe two countries’ militaries have held joint exercises and exchanged visits, and the two countries have also established a defense cooperation program. Cyprus Ministry of DefenseCyprus has similar relations with many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Egypt, France and especially Lebanon.

Cyprus also has “defense attachés” stationed in Israel and more than two dozen other countries as part of what it calls “active defense diplomacy.”

There is an additional cooperation agreement between Cyprus, Greece and Israel, which Cyprus says is aimed at “strengthening peace, stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Cyprus President Nicos Christodoulis wrote A post on social media On Wednesday, Cyprus said it was “not involved in any way in the conflict,” adding that it maintained channels of communication with the governments of Lebanon and Iran and stressing the importance of diplomacy.

Cyprus helped promote Humanitarian aid to Gaza By sea, the U.S. military Exploiting island nations Delivering aid to war-torn areas.

In his statement, Mr. Christodoulidis stressed that Cyprus was “part of the solution,” an apparent allusion to the country’s efforts to help deliver aid to Gaza.

Lebanese government officials attempted Alleviate worries Lebanon’s Hezbollah told its Cypriot counterparts on Thursday that Lebanon is committed to peace. Although Hezbollah is a powerful political force in Lebanon, its parliamentary bloc lost its majority in the 2022 national elections and its positions do not always represent the official positions of the government.

Cyprus’s other allies also condemned Hezbollah’s threats.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, and EU spokesman Peter Stano said on Thursday Expressing support for CyprusHe also said that “a threat to any of our member states is a threat to the European Union.”

U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller called Nasrallah’s remarks “extremely meaningless.”

“We want Hezbollah to resolve the issue through diplomatic means,” he added at a news conference on Thursday.

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