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Greens eat into Labor’s vote share


The Green Party may look small compared to the main political parties in the UK, but for it the result is huge: the small left-wing party will now have four members of parliament, its best ever electoral result.

The party has campaigned on environmental policies for years but has struggled to gain a foothold in parliament. It has only had one MP since 2010 and did not contest this election.

But this year, some voters appear to be turning their backs on the two main parties, Labour and the Conservatives, as more seats go to smaller parties and independent candidates. Green Party co-leaders Cara De Neale and Adrian Ramsay won seats on Thursday. It’s a blow to the new Labour government, which has been in a state of decline under Keir Starmer. Move to the political center.

Ms. Denyer was removed from office Donaguin DebonaireLabour’s MP for arts and culture, Andrew Cuomo, told the BBC some people voted for the Greens because they were “frustrated with Labour getting closer to the Conservatives”.

Ramsay vowed that the Greens, who in their latest manifesto said they wanted to introduce a wealth tax, build more social housing and take rail, water and major energy companies into public ownership, would “push the government to take bolder steps”.

The Green Party has nearly 2 million voters, accounting for 7% of the national vote. More popular among young peopleespecially those under 30 years old.

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