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Gazans hopeful of new ceasefire proposal, but skeptical


But it is widely believed at home and abroad that Netanyahu fears that an end to the conflict could lead to the collapse of his government – especially if an investigation into its causes is launched. Israel ignores evidence According to Israeli officials, Hamas was preparing for an October 7 attack that killed about 1,200 people, and the IDF was very slow to respond.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed support for Biden’s plan in a phone call with Netanyahu on Tuesday, which is in line with international calls for a ceasefire, Macron’s office said.

During the call, Macron told the Israeli leader he “once again called on Hamas, which bears great responsibility, to accept this agreement,” his office said.

For the families of some of the hostages still held in Gaza, the wait for a deal has been agonizing, with some describing it as a vicious cycle of dashed hopes.

“It’s just frustrating to go through this ups and downs again,” said Lee Siegel’s brother. Keith Siegela 65-year-old Israeli-American hostage. “With every day that passes, it becomes more and more difficult to continue to hold on to hope.”

Mr. Siegel said he was particularly worried about his brother because he was found to have high blood pressure last year.

“His absence weighs heavily on us every moment,” he said. “Every day he’s gone could be his last.”

On Monday, the Israeli army announced that it had confirmed the deaths of four hostages held in the Khan Yunis area several months ago, prompting some families to desperately call for a deal to bring their loved ones home.

Some said they had given up hope that the demonstrations in Israel would push Netanyahu closer to a deal, believing that only persistent U.S. pressure would have an effect.

“The United States should not leave Netanyahu alone for one second until he signs the deal — not one second,” said Gilad Korngold, the father of hostage Tal Shoham, 39, from northern Israel.

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