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Friday Briefing: Vladimir Putin visits Vietnam


Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Vietnam yesterday, a day after meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

While the visit did not produce any major breakthroughs, it gave Russia a veneer of international legitimacy as it grows increasingly isolated following its invasion of Ukraine.

Putin and Vietnam’s leaders walk a careful line. The two countries share a common communist history, and Moscow has long been Vietnam’s main source of arms. But Hanoi has recently moved closer to the United States. Before the visit, U.S. officials condemned Vietnam, saying “no country should give Putin a platform to promote his aggressive wars or allow him to normalize atrocities.”

Here are three takeaways: Start with a visit.

Aftermath of the North Korea trip: Russia signed a defense agreement with North Korea this week that South Korea and Japanhas been expecting increasing security challenges from Pyongyang. A headache for Beijing: The treaty increases the risk of confrontation in the region and could prompt the United States and its allies to increase their military presence around China.

For months, there have been reports of disagreements between the Israeli military and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the direction of the Gaza war. This week, the rift became public..

The sharpest and most public disagreement came in unusually blunt comments from the armed forces’ chief spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. In an interview aired on Israeli television on Wednesday, Hagari appeared to push back against Netanyahu’s promise of “absolute victory” for Hamas. “The idea that it is possible to destroy Hamas, that it can disappear, is hoodwinking the public,” he said.

Netanyahu’s office quickly issued a statement saying that both the military and the government were committed to “destroying Hamas’s military and ability to govern.”

analyze: A retired Israeli general said Hajari’s comments reflected growing concerns among Israeli military leaders that they might be given responsibility for governing Gaza.

us: Netanyahu on Tuesday slammed the United States for withholding some of the heavy munitions, with a White House spokesman yesterday calling his comments “deeply disappointing.” It was the latest back-and-forth between the allies, who are increasingly divided over how Israel conducts its wars.

Gaza: The only way for nearly all Gazans to escape the horrors of the war between Israel and Hamas is to leave through neighboring Egypt. But it is a complex and expensive ordeal involving Paying thousands of dollars to middlemen Or an Egyptian company.

Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is expected to be elected Next NATO Secretary General After the Romanian president gave up his bid.

Rutte, 57, has directed more than $3 billion in Dutch military support to Ukraine since 2022. He has increasingly echoed a key NATO message that supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia is essential to preserving democracy and national sovereignty across the alliance.

Famous restaurants From mainland China For some Hong Kong residents, the wave of emigration from the city has intensified in recent months, another sign that mainland China is slowly taking over their culture.

Life experience: Donald Sutherland, star of the 1970 film “Military Field Hospital,” has brought charm and unsettling charisma to many films. He died at the age of 88.

The Bajo once spent much of their lives on boats or in sea huts anchored to the ocean floor with wooden stakes. Traditionally, they came ashore only to exchange supplies or escape storms. Their communities are scattered along the coasts of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. They are skilled in fishing and free diving.

Starting in the late 1980s, the Indonesian government built settlements for them on land so they could access services such as schools. More and more Badjao began spending more time on land. Some gave up life at sea altogether.

For those who study Bajo, there is no doubt that the culture is losing touch A nomadic and seafaring historyAdvocates hope younger generations don’t abandon their connection to the ocean.

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