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Downing Street’s new owners will be able to move in in just a few hours


In the United States, a new president typically has two months to prepare to move into the White House. A newly elected British prime minister moves into Downing Street quickly, often within hours of an election.

Keir Starmer, whose Labour Party won an overwhelming majority in the House of Commons, was formally appointed prime minister by King Charles III on Friday. The new prime minister was about to address supporters outside 10 Downing Street just hours after his predecessor Rishi Sunak stepped down.

He will be brought into the building by staff and briefed by civil servants. cover Topics discussed included living arrangements, security protocols and appointing ministers.

Number 10 has plenty of experience with rapid transitions. Three prime ministers have lived there since the last general election five years ago, including Liz Truss, who lasted less than seven weeks.

It has been the official residence of the British Prime Minister since 1735. From the street, it looks much larger than you’d expect. Through the often-photographed black door and tartan-patterned entrance hall, offices, sitting rooms and reception rooms stretch across most of 12 Downing Street. A corridor leads to 11 Downing Street, the official residence of the Secretary of the Exchequer or Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Prime Ministers often leave their mark on the living quarters, but this is mostly hidden from public view. When Margaret Thatcher was elected Her first election And in 1979 she moved into Downing Street – “living above a shop” as she put it – and she completely transformed the place.

“The study on the first floor was redecorated to her taste.” Historian Anthony Selden writesDescribes how she chose light grey wallpaper, cream furniture and modern art.

“She was very proud of her study: once a visitor spilled coffee on the sofa and carpet,” he wrote. “Mrs. Thatcher would usually spend 20 minutes cleaning any stains herself.”

In 1997, Tony Blair became prime minister and he and his wife Cherie chose to live in 11 Downing Street instead of 10 Downing Street because it had more living space. Their fourth child was born there.

In 2011, when Michelle Obama visited, the world saw how David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron, had redecorated the place through a photo released by the White House The British media conducted in-depth research on this.

Ten years later, Boris Johnson’s then-fiancee Carrie Symonds put her own extravagant stamp on the residence. Triggering an investigationThe prime minister receives an annual allowance of £30,000 (about $38,000) from the public purse to help with the renovation of Downing Street. The cost of the renovation has reportedly far exceeded this amount.

Residents are not always comfortable. Ms. Truss In her memoirs she said She had been bitten by fleas for weeks, and some suspected that the fleas were brought in by her predecessor, Mr Johnson’s dog. 10 Downing Street had to be disinfected.

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