Home News At least 53 killed in poisonous liquor smuggled into southern India

At least 53 killed in poisonous liquor smuggled into southern India


According to officials, Tamilnadbon, southern India, has reached 53 due to contaminated spirits, and the number of deaths may increase, and many people are in critical condition.

Karakurichi district police chief Rajat Chaturvedi said several deaths had occurred in the last week and 98 people had been admitted to hospitals. “Most of the dead and those admitted to hospitals are daily wage earners,” he said.

Mr. Chaturvedi said the first death was reported on Wednesday from drinking beer sold locally in sachets for around 50 cents. Karunapuram village was the worst hit, with more than a dozen victims receiving their last rites in a mass cremation ceremony on Thursday.

Drinking tainted alcohol has caused several mass casualties across India in recent years. In some states where alcohol is prohibited, people have turned to smuggled or unregulated alcohol. Elsewhere, villagers have chosen to drink pirated products because they are cheaper.

  • 2019, at least 150 deaths Two people were detained in the northeastern Indian state of Assam for drinking illegal liquor. 100 deaths in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

  • August 2020, At least 120 people There were 92 people who died of drinking local brewed beverages in the Punjab, and 92 people died in one region alone.

  • At least 70 people died in the eastern state of Bihar in December 2022 after drinking contaminated alcohol. Bihar has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol since 2016, but people still drink illegally smuggled alcohol or Crossing the border into Nepal Look for cheap local beer.

Last year, at least 22 people died in two other districts of Tamil Nadu after drinking similar toxic local drinks. The latest mass casualties have put the state government under pressure from opposition leaders and the state’s high court. Opposition lawmakers who arrived in parliament wearing black demanded the resignation of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

Mr. Stalin announced an inquiry headed by a retired judge and ordered police across the state to crack down on the home-brew trade.

According to the police, the man suspected of making poisonous wines has been arrested this week, and his wife and at least one of others have been arrested.

According to Indian news media, local residents said the police were complicit in collecting a cut from bootleggers who brought alcohol to the village. One minute news.

“We cannot say that the local police were directly involved, but due to their lack of action, all officers, from constables to deputy superintendents of police, have been suspended,” said Mr. Chaturvedi, who was in charge of the police force in the area after the tragedy.

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