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At a critical moment in the war, the row between Israeli leaders and the White House, the military and coalition partners has further escalated.


Analysts say the combative strategy reflects Netanyahu’s need to balance competing interests — showing his country at home that he is on its side amid growing global protests over the war, while staying close enough to right-wing allies not to abandon him.

Still, he has chosen to engage in a high-stakes fight with the Biden administration, which has provided political cover for Israel’s devastating military campaign while supplying it with critical weapons.On Monday, President Biden overcame congressional opposition to complete one of the largest U.S. arms sales to Israel in history. $18 billion F-15 fighter jet deal.

However, the next day, Netanyahu released a video slamming the United States for withholding some heavy munitions, an apparent allusion to the Biden administration’s decision to withhold a batch of 2000 lb bomb There are concerns that the weapons could be used in densely populated areas of Gaza.

John F. Kirby, a White House spokesman, responded strongly to the video on Thursday, saying that “no country has done more, or will continue to do more, to help Israel defend itself than the United States.” Kirby added that the Israeli leader’s comments “deeply disappoint us and, of course, irritate us.”

Shortly afterwards, Netanyahu issued a statement saying he was “willing to endure physical attacks if Israel needs to obtain the weapons and ammunition it needs to survive its war.”

There is little sign Biden will significantly cut U.S. support for Israel in an election year, despite growing frustration within his administration about the direction the war is taking. Netanyahu still enjoys strong support from Republicans in Washington, who are leading a Invite Israeli leader to address joint session of Congress next monthClearly, this was an attempt to use some progressive Democrats’ opposition to the war as a campaign issue.

A more pressing issue for Netanyahu at home is his conflict with the military leadership, which also escalated this week.

The armed forces’ chief spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hajari, publicly expressed discontent that has been brewing for months and appeared to criticize Netanyahu’s frequent calls for “absolute victory.” “The idea that you can destroy Hamas, that Hamas can disappear, is deceiving the public,” he said.

The military has expressed hope of ending fighting in Gaza and said on Wednesday it was easing some wartime restrictions on Israeli communities near the border and was close to defeating Hamas forces in Rafah, which the Israeli military describes as the armed group’s last stronghold.

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